Conceptual Analysis

For my independent project I have decided to use video and sculpture/installation for my mediums. I have grown quite fond of video and wish to become more comfortable with it. For my project I want to be able to incorporate many things that I love and are a part of me. I come from the country so nature is a big part of my life, but so is technology, which is why I am using video and transforming natural objects into art works.

For my video projection I had initially want to show a snowy barren landscape, and some forest scenes. unfortunately most of the snow has melted, so I will have to forgo that white palette. I still want a mix of barren empty landscapes, like fields and views from the side of the road, like you were driving by as well as forest scenes, like you were walking through them. I don’t want any music in my video, probably just the sounds of what ever the camera picks up as I film. I want and empty feeling in my video, but not one of isolation, more of a peaceful one. Scenes that are warm, comfy and familiar to us all, that are relaxing and insignificant. I want these to be everyday sort of scenes, from where I come at least. My video is more of the background piece, but still important, for it interacts with the sculpture and brings it to life.

For my sculpture I am using found natural objects. Things I have collected over the years or just have found. They are not all quite natural, like glass but are still not super man-made. I will use objects like wood, vines, rocks, shells, bones, glass, feathers etc. Anything I happen to come across. I am then going to use acrylic paint and paint over top the objects. I do not want the whole object to be covered, just bits and pieces so the natural surface and texture of the object can be seen. The colours I am going to use are either going to be bright pastel colours or ones that come from nature. Perhaps a bit of both, my palettes will come from landscapes, birds and flora of ontario. These objects will then be attached with string and hung from the ceiling in front of the video projection on the wall. The video will also project onto the objects and interact with it as well. They will hopefully move a bit along with the video to create more of a natural feel.

I am taking nature and changing it into an art form, with the video and sculpture I hope to convey feelings that are simply unique to the southern ontario landscape that we all know and familiarize with.


Diagram of work

DSCF8418 DSCF8420

Here are some diagrams of what the finished work should hopefully look like. I am still working on the attaching the objects to the string and then to the ceiling part. I want them to be able to sway if possible so they move along with the video.

Installation of Project

DSCF8415 DSCF8416

Here are some diagrams of where and how my project will be installed. It will be in a closed room that has a wall able to be projected on as well as a ceiling in which I can hang objects on string from.

The objects will hang directly in front of the projection, so that the light and video will also project onto them or shine through them to create an interesting effect. I will also need a speaker system to let the sounds from the video play.


Some of my materials for the final project would be;


-string or fishing line to attach objects to ceiling

-hooks to attach string to roof / objects to string

-acrylic paint and primer

-found natural objects, wood, stones, glass, plants, flowers, bone, glass etc.

– lighting system

Toronto Gallery Blog Post

During this Toronto trip I tried to look for artworks or objects that would inspire or relate to my independent project. I saw a lot of reflection with light and want to use that in my project. I tired to pick out bright pastel colours that are quite warm. I really liked ESP because they had a lot of natural objects, light and reflection which are some of the things I want to use in my project.

DSCF8245 This is a furnace from the art book store. I really liked the colour of it and the rusty look of it. I want to paint my objects but still have the original material through so I think this works.

DSCF8250ESP had a lot of nice lighting and reflection going on. The windows were tinted this lovely green and pink shade which I really liked. Plus the coloured light shinning on the rough wood panels is what I am looking for in my project.

DSCF8252 ESP:  liked the use of reflection and light also in this piece, I want to use glass or parts of a mirror in my project to get cool reflections of light, so I really liked this artwork. It had a very warm and soft feeling to it which I want in my video and sculpture.

DSCF8253 Mkg127: I really like just the simple design of this artwork, as well as how even just lighting can really help a piece out.

DSCF8258 This is just a women I saw sitting in the Koffer building. I quite liked the wood block she was sitting on, for it had bright colours and yet you could still tell it was a piece of wood. Plus her shoes match so.

DSCF8264 This is from the Canadian Identity Exhibition. I just thought the layout of this piece was really interesting. I liked the old TV and the pepsi signs, they are very retro. Not really anything I am imagining in my work but I still really liked it.

DSCF8268 This was also from the Canadian Identity one, It is a bunch of pencil crayons lined up to show the colour of the seasons. I really liked the spring colours and I want to use those types of colours as my platte. Plus It is Canadian weather and landscape which is another theme I want to show in my work.

DSCF8273 This is from the Richmond 401 gallery. This piece has a few things that I want to show in my work, I really like the bone and I want to use random natural objects in my piece. She also painted on it which is exactly what I want to do in my project. I just like the natural and kind of fake paint look coming together.

DSCF8277 This was also in the Richmond 401 building. Some lovely warm reflection on the hardwood panels. I want to bring the warm sun feeling into my project by either replicated the colours or using natural light in my piece.

DSCF8281 This is the roof of the Richmond 401 building. I just loved the stains on the wood. I want really natural pieces of nature and the wilderness in my work. But they will change from wild to something else once they are painted on and captured in video.


tumblr_n19a7tlusm1t0bh0do1_500 This is an art installation in which I want my project to look close to. Video projection is not involved in this but the placement and concept is similar. The hanging glass is causing the picture on the wall, I want this relationship with my hanging objects and video projection to be similar.